Parade of the Losers

Join Phil Johnson as he remembers the losers of the United States 2008 Presidential Primary.

Candidate Photos: CNN/Getty Images Election Center 2008, Who’s Out.

3rd Grader Photo: 3rd grade nov 1988 by Russell Bernice. CC BY

Kucinich Debate Footage: MSNBC.

Duncan Hunter footage: Duncan Hunter Will Not Quit by Steve Garfield

Jeri Thompson Photo: Jeri and Sammy by freddthompson cc-by-sa-2.0

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Behind the Scenes:

Watch our archived live stream of the recording of this episode: Part 1, Part 2.

9 Responses to “Parade of the Losers”

  1. 1 Mohammed Hughes

    i have never been a fan of Bad Politics and bad policies in the government. they always present bad news.-’`

  2. 2 Amy Morris

    actually, i do not like politics that much because it is a dirty job.,:”

  3. 3 Charlie Wilson

    i really do not like too much politics because it kills common sense.*:

  4. 4 Shower Screen 

    i really hate politics because politicians most of the time makes BS decisions`.;

  5. 5 Rhinoplasty :

    sometimes, politics does not make sense at all. politicians make the wrong decision just for the sake of good politics”"-

  6. 6 Polyethylene %0B

    Politics is of course very annoying, politicians do annoy me because of their bad performance `;’

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