Kucinich Calls for Impeachment: Offending Words

Kucinich causes House floor fuss in announcing Bush impeachment drive:

Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich caused a stink on the House of Representatives floor this morning during a speech where he announced he’ll introduce articles of impeachment against President Bush on Monday, Jan. 28, the day Bush delivers his State of the Union speech.

“We already know the State of the Union,” Kucinich says in his speech. “It’s a lie.”

Republicans objected to Kucinich’s statements, and the Cleveland congressman returned to the floor a few minutes later to withdraw his “offending words.”

The Center for Public Integrity: False Pretenses.

4 Responses to “Kucinich Calls for Impeachment: Offending Words”

  1. 1 David C. Mandelstamm

    Kudos to Kucinich for taking such a powerful stand — even though the sewer rats got him to back down because of his so-called “offending words”!

    The signs of tyranny are all around us. We needn’t look too hard. The pressure to back down, even when we know we are RIGHT, is incredibly powerful. Not surprising, every branch of our de-facto federal government brings such pressures to bear against moral people.

    Even worse, the media-brainwashed masses have become the unwitting accomplices of this criminal government. So often, our friends, co-workers, and relatives turn against us, thanks to the concerted brainwashing efforts of the media. That’s exactly what the controlling elites want, and the masses have played right into their hands!

    We must remain strong in the face of such adversity. No, “adversity” is a mild word. We are engaged in an all-out war — a war waged against good, decent, law-abiding Americans by our corrupt officials. Their agendas are patently dishonest, and they are the worst breed of murderers, thieves and liars!

    Lucky for them, THEY don’t have to return home from the Middle East to die of chronic radiation poisoning from exposure to depleted uranium (DU) weapons. On the other hand, our own soldiers aren’t always quite so fortunate!

    Meanwhile, here on the home front, America is being taken over by illegal aliens who DEMAND their “rights”, while middle-aged Americans like myself end up working for $8.85/hr. at Wal-Mart because the economy has been completely gutted out. And every day, the cost of gas, groceries, and taxes continues to spiral upward at an absolutely alarming rate!

  2. 2 Ed Kurkjian

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