The Too Many Candidate Blues

The Too Many Candidate Blues

Woke up this mornin’
I turned on the tube
Saw 10 white guys in black suits
All lookin’ like rich boobs

I got the too many candidate blues

They said they was runnin’
To be our president
There’s so many I’m hopin’
Some’ll give up for lent

I got the too many candidate blues

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Phil Johnson

Tom Manzi

Steve Garfield

Monica Almeida/NYTimes
United States Democratic presidential candidates, 2008
United States Republican presidential candidates, 2008
Stephen Colbert

4 Responses to “The Too Many Candidate Blues”

  1. 1 randellfever

    What, and he sings too! I think that I’ll make all of the employees learn this song as a requirement for getting paycheck on friday!

  2. 2 Oza Meilleur

    A Beat Generation revival moment.
    Snapping fingers…

  3. 3 Mimi Syaka

    Dylan has nothing on you! Esp. love the professional “Cup o Politics” signage in the background. :)

  4. 4 LinksMonkey

    Stereo - Phil & the f.i.l. Adding to the mp3 player.
    Ditto - what Mimi said.
    Dark glasses woulda made it more hep.

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